The Marbella Weather

Marbella weather

The Marbella weather promises 300 days of sunshine and on average that number is not far out, even though in winter the temperatures can go as low as 8 degrees, when the sun shines, this makes a wonderful image for a lovely winters day and many visitors from the UK or north Europe agree, as Marbella is an excellent holiday destination all year round.

The beauty of the Marbella weather in winter is that even though we still get the tourists, it is a
lot more tranquil in the winter with more golf visitors than leisure visitors crowding the beaches.

The Marbella WeatherOf course the sea water temperatures are very low, and even though it is not recommended to go for a swim, many tourists do try to conquer their inner wimp and take a winter’s dive, something which is not only refreshing, but apparently also very healthy according to some sources!

How low can the Marbella weather go?

Generally, Marbella residents dress up warm in winter, oh yes, we have a winter wardrobe like any other! Big coats, thick scarves and high boots are not uncommon in the attire of a Marbella resident, but is it really cold?? Well, for us it is!! But for someone coming from the UK, Holland, Germany, Norway, Denmark or any other country where the winter temperatures don’t just go below 0, it brings rain and snow, coming to marbella in winter is like a summer Holliday for them! Even when the temperature is just 15 degrees the average holiday maker will adorn their swimming trunks and bikinis, and take advantage of the warm winter sun.

Marbella WeatherNeedless to say, i often pass the communal pool on my way out wearing 3 layers of clothing and a colourful scarf seeing holiday makers lounging at the pool looking at me as if I am from Mars…. the contrast is quite comic and makes for good conversation!

Does it really rain in Marbella?

300 days of sunshine leaves 65 days  in the “other” category. This does not mean it rains 64 days of the year, but we do get the occasional cloudy day or foggy morning. When it rains in Marbella it usually pours and lasts for about an hour before the sun comes out again. Marbella residents usually love the rain because it is so sporadic that it almost feels like a festive day when it really pours down.

There are times when it can rain days in a row, it doesn’t happen very often, but it does occur. On those days, you will see very little people outside, the roads will be quiet and chimneys will do overtime. Marbella is not built for bad weather and its residents are not made for rainy days so we all hole up in our own comfortable sanctuary and wait out the rain until it is safe to come out again and enjoy the sunshine in our winter coats and woolies!

What to do when it rains in Marbella?

However, even on rainy days there’s so much to do in Marbella, us residents forget that sometimes! Apart from going on a spending spree in one of the coasts large in-door shopping malls like La Cañada or El Corte Inglés, there’s nothing better than finding a local beach bar that has a covered terrace and look at the elements bashing the seas. Besaya Beach on the Golden Mile is one such location or you could go to the more affordable “El Chiringuito” in Marbella. There is also a variety of in-door play parks for children such as the indoor “Galaxia Child Park” in Marbella or “Costa Jump” where you can bounce around on in-door trampolines and not just the kids are invited, adults can join in too!

Marbella weather - indoor activities

Costa jump is one of the most recent indoor-activities added to our Marbella to do list.

As for indoor attractions, there’s the Sealife centre in Benalmadena which is great fun for all ages and for the more grown ups amongst us, there’s a whole host of museums to be found in the area. Here’s a list of indoor activities for when the  Marbella weather has turning against you.

If you plan to move to the Costa del Sol and are looking for a suitable property, please contact us, not only can we advice on your perfect property, we can also show you what activities there are to be enjoyed in the area whatever the Marbella weather!







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